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Using the 5 Element Theory of
Feng Shui in a Garden Setting

Guidelines for the application of the 5 elements of Feng Shui in the garden  

Handy Reference Guide To Create a Garden Sanctuary Using Feng Shui

1.      The entry (creating a special entrance that is inviting and welcoming, a passage, gateway or transition).

2.      Use of water (a powerful, dynamic element - soothing sound, sight, symbolizes essence of life).

3.      The use of color (avoid a mono-chromatic look or using all earth tones).

4.      Create sitting areas (seating, benches, chairs, tables).

5.      Create structure to provide a sense of security, balance, anchoring, stabilizing (walls, screens, flooring, canopies, arches, trees, pergola, etc.

6.      Accessorize: by using items that personalize the space, i.e. pots, artwork, sculpture, decorative touches that reflect personal style and/or themes.

7.      Include all of “The 5 Elements” - either the actual element, a material, a shape representing the element or a color symbolizing the element or any combination thereof.







Lumber, plants




Fountains, birdbath

Wavy or curved

Black or dark blue


Fireplace, lighting, lamps

Triangle, pyramidal



Stone, boulders, pots,


Brown, orange, yellow


Metal or ironwork

Round, circular or dome

White or gray



Feng Shui Fountain The 5 Elements 
Original Design and Photo By John Stuart Leslie

Here is an example shown in this fountain -

This courtyard photo contains all 5 Elements….

FIRE ---  the RED bougainvillea flowers

WATER the actual WATER and CURVED shape of the fountain

EARTH   the SQUARE shape of the basin and the

STONE accent around the basin perimeter

WOOD   the PLANTS and GREEN foliage

METAL the material of the fountain: STEEL


 Copyright 2009 John Stuart Leslie

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