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My Sacred Garden is a portal to Spirit -- by giving you tools to learn more, find unique products and deepen your spiritual cultivation.

This website is for those who are on a spiritual path, who seek tranquility and who value being outside in a garden setting. Blending the outer garden with the inner garden of your mind is what makes a garden sacred and helps to build spiritual cultivation.

As you know, there are many paths, but one common practice used by spiritual practitioners throughout the world is meditation. Thus the most common form of spiritual garden is a Meditation Garden since they typically evoke tranquility, serenity, contemplation and peacefulness. The outside appearance and the inner feelings evoked by such gardens are found in most Asian or Zen style gardens because their underlying design principles and their purpose is to tap into a connection to Spirit.

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Great Gardens Have Great Design 

The benefits of a garden are well known, but the Spiritual - often unseen benefits can be accessed when a garden is designed to evoke feelings that go beyond the physical design of the garden. The designer therefore, must be sensitive to these criteria that are psychological, physical and spiritual all reflecting the needs of the persons using the garden.  A person's garden, whatever form that may be, is a reflection of their mind, body & spiritual condition. It is an untapped resource for Spiritual enlightenment and Soul renewal.

What makes a great garden so visually captivating is the thought that went into the design. When you look beyond just the abundance of colorful flowers that catches your eye or a piece of garden art strategically placed when just the right proportion so that it looks like it "belongs" there -- you will see the designer's hand at work.


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