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Gardens are perfect for meditation

A garden thoughtfully designed can become sacred, connecting you with Spirit and the divine.

The feeling of being in personal sanctuary - where you
go for peace, solace, safety and comfort for your body, mind, and spirit.

Conventional gardens are often functional, yet aesthetic creations, but may lack symbolic elements that can make them deeply meaningful to you on a personal and spiritual level. You can take your garden to a higher level by adding the right spiritual elements.
Learn how to turn your garden into a sacred sanctuary Design ideas that show you how to create a sacred garden
Here you will find valuable information, insight, advice, wisdom and resources different than most garden related sites. The topics and articles are thought provoking yet very useful and practical whether you do it yourself or looking to hire a professional in your garden and landscape endeavors - but with the premise that gardens are a portal to the sacred, to Spirit, and as sanctuaries that renew your soul and connect you with Nature and the divine.


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